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What is
Trio Mobil
IoT Technology?

It is the most advanced IoT technology developed by Trio Mobil's expert R&D engineers, enabling businesses to manage their operations in a more controlled, efficient and cost effective way.

Benefits for

Your Business?

Cost Benefit

Ability to analyse energy consumption, process optimization, machine, and personnel working hours instantly and control your costs.

Increase Efficiency

With instant tracking of assets, equipment and personnel, and controlling of environmental conditions, you can monitor your operations in real-time and manage them most effectively with interactive dashboards and detailed reports.

Improve Quality

Ability to perform effective process management via ensuring machine, work and worker safety, and prevent malfunctions proactively. Ability to identify areas of improvement by collecting feedback and measuring customer satisfaction.

How It Works?

Special Solutions for Your Industry

For businesses, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and quality standards have become the top priorities in today's economic conditions. Industry 4.0 transformation with IoT technologies and the creation of digital twins of businesses, enabled processes to be managed more effectively and decisions to be made quicker.

Trio Mobil offers businesses that value-added products and solutions and enables them to benefit from the Industry 4.0 transformation.

Trio Mobil IoT Platform has been developed using cutting edge technologies with artificial intelligence supported big data by infrastructure. The IoT Platform allows you to manage 10 different modules from personnel and forklift tracking to energy monitoring, from machine and production tracking to predictive maintenance with a centralised infrastructure and panel. Your IoT projects are completed with the highest efficiency and success.

Meet Trio Mobil

Trusted By Leading Brands

  • Within the scope of the project, an IoT-based forklift security solution was implemented, covering the forklifts operating on an area of 65,000 m2 in the Ford Otosan factory and pedestrians entering these areas as guests . Forklifts are also monitored in real-time to ensure the efficiency of intralogistics processes within the factory. The project was awarded in the Global HSE Competition. In addition to achieving significant value in the field of occupational health and safety with the project, a significant increase in productivity was achieved by the real-time tracking of forklifts within the facility.

  • In order to manage its Cold Chain operations in the most efficient way possible, CarrefourSA prefers using Trio Mobil IoT Platform and technologies. With the integration between IoT Platform and ERP, route planning and delivery management systems, route optimization of all vehicles are being detected free of human intervention and operational units are notified in case of even minor problem occurrences. The temperature alarm limits are automatically updated by the type of goods in distribution, and they are constantly monitored with sensitive sensors. Thanks to Trio Mobil IoT technologies, it is made sure that the goods are delivered right on time and as fresh as possible.

  • AXA, one of the world leading insurance and asset management groups, launched AXA Go UBI program, a customized comprehensive insurance and driving experience platform. Developed with Trio Mobil's AI and Big Data supported Safe Driving Technology, Axa Go UBI offers a brand new insurance experience by analyzing behavioral patterns of the driver and providing personalized feedback.

  • AstraZeneca is one of the world's leading innovative and research-based pharmaceutical companies with a healthcare service volume of $ 24.4 billion, operating in the field of research, development, production, marketing and delivery of prescription drugs. Its drugs are sold in more than 100 countries and produces in 16 countries. As Astra Zeneca, we’ve chosen Trio Mobil’s IoT based Social Distancing Solution for controlling the social distancing rule in order to protect the health of our employees during the pandemic period.