Cranes pose great danger for pedestrians. According to OSHA, 44 people dies each year in only US because of Crane accident. The Crane Inspection and Certification Bureau (CICB) reports that 90% of crane accidents happen because of human error. With our TRUE-AI video analytics solution, Crane operations can be made safe, and reliance on humans for security is eliminated.

Solution for Safety Cranes

AI Powered Safety Solution
Warning Lights for Pedestrians
ai safety solution
AI-Powered Safety Solution

TRUE-AI, Trio Mobil's AI-Powered Video Analytics Camera, detects pedestrians, and with geofencing rules, the system triggers outputs for pedestrian safety.

TRUE-AI works offline and continuously monitors the area, triggering safety precautions within milliseconds.

The system automatically shuts down the machines when TRUE-AI detects a human in a designated virtual danger zone.

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warning lights
Warning Lights for Pedestrians

Red lights reflect onto the ground to alert pedestrians about an approaching crane. With this system, a pedestrian becomes aware of their proximity to a moving load when they observe a projected line or mark on the ground. The system enhances safety for overhead cranes operating in busy pedestrian zones.

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Benefits of Trio Mobil's System

Edge AI Video Analytics

Ultimate Safety in Machine Zones with Edge-Processing AI Video Camera


Tagless Detection

The AI Camera detects pedestrians


Ultimate Protection

Zero Accident Goal in Facilities

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Tailor-Made Solutions

Personalized solutions for your specific needs

track changes

Plug & Play

Quick and easy to install

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Set alerts for specific cases and integrations with 3rd party systems

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Data Privacy

End-to-end security

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Report & Analytics

Access safety statistics and reports through Trio Mobil's Cloud Platform and a Gateway connection

Trusted By Leading Brands

AI-powered forklift accident prevention system trusted by industry leaders for exceptional safety and performance

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