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Collisions between Forklifts, AGVs and Pedestrians are an Everyday Risk

100K Forklift accidents /

35K Accidents result in
serious injury

$180K Average cost per

90% of forklifts have accidents
in their lifetime

*According to OSHA Statistics


Trio Mobil's forklift safety system significantly improves workplace safety, offering a choice between tagless and tag-based AI and UWB detection, both with proximity detection. This technology accurately identifies pedestrians and equipment, facilitating auto-speed reduction, enabling 360-degree coverage, and operating without reliance on cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity interruptions.

Forklift Safety System

ZERO Accident

upto98% Reduction in Safety-Related
Near-Miss Cases

2,000+ Facilities with Successful

Forklift Safety Elevated: Discover Our Advanced System

Protect your employees and forklifts with our advanced safety system

Forklift-Pedestrian<br> Accident Prevention

Accident Prevention

The forklift-pedestrian safety system is specifically designed to detect pedestrians in the vicinity of forklifts, significantly enhancing safety measures.This advanced system improves forklift safety by:

  • Providing audible and visual signals that serve as effective alerts for forklift operators.
  • Limiting the speed of the forklift to a safe level
  • Alerting pedestrians with vibration in their digital PPE that we provide.

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Forklift-Forklift<br> Collision Avoidance

Collision Avoidance

The forklift-forklift collision-avoidance system employs high-precision UWB technology for detecting nearby forklift trucks and restricting their speed to prevent collisions. The system offers:

  • Swift detection and speed adjustment to prevent potential collisions.
  • Audio-visual signals that alert operators immediately, enhancing awareness of other trucks in their proximity.
  • Improved safety by preventing collisions and encouraging responsible driving practices.

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Forklift-AGV<br> Collision Avoidance

Collision Avoidance

The system employs advanced safety measures to handle mixed traffic and avoid collisions between forklifts and AGVs or AMRs. It promotes a safe working environment by:

  • Implementing two-stage speed limitation for forklifts when in close proximity to AGVs or AMRs.
  • Offering audio-visual alerts to forklift operators, providing real-time information about the presence of AGVs and AMRs nearby.
  • Promptly intervening and enforcing speed limitations to minimize the risk of accidents.

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Zone-Based Forklift<br> Speed Control

Zone-Based Forklift
Speed Control

The zone-based forklift speed-control system is a key contributor to safety in high-risk areas, such as narrow corridors, intersections, doors, and zones with high pedestrian density.

  • Employing fixed anchors and configurable ranging zones, the system sets speed limits to effectively reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Its adaptability allows for easy customization of speed limits to suit specific workplace requirements.
  • By enforcing reduced forklift speeds in critical areas, the system fosters a culture of workplace safety and accident prevention.

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Discover How Trio Mobil's Forklift Safety Solution Works

Unmatched Features of Trio Mobil's Forklift Safety Systems

Pedestrian Detection

Tag-based or Tagless Pedestrian Detection

AI Camera

Edge Processing AI Camera

UWB System for Forklift

Integrated UWB System for Forklift Slow Down

Zone Management

Smart Geofencing & Zone Management

3rd Party Systems

Integration with 3rd Party Systems

Cloud Monitoring

Data Analysis & Cloud Monitoring

360° Proximity Detection

360° Proximity Detection

UWB Technology

Highest Precision UWB Technology

Maximize Fleet Efficiency with FleetBridge

Elevate your fleet management with FleetBridge and make every decision count. FleetBridge includes:

  • Forklift Efficiency Reports
  • Operator Access Control
  • Pre-ops Safety Checklist
  • Impact Detection System
  • Real-time Alarms and Notifications
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Trusted By Leading Brands

AI-powered forklift accident prevention system trusted by industry leaders for exceptional safety and performance

Gartner-Acknowledged Excellence

Gartner's reports have recognized the remarkable accomplishments and influence that Trio Mobil has made in the industry.

Foster a Safe Workplace Environment with Forklift Safety Systems

Enhance Forklift and Pedestrian Safety

Achieve Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Boost Productivity

Create a Safer Workplace

Minimize Downtime

Enhance Company Reputation

Foster a Safe Workplace Environment with Forklift Safety Systems

Customer Success Stories

Trio Mobil has been selected as the vendor for BSH due to their excellent performance in POC trials, technical competencies, and global operation capability.

Forklift Safety Systems for

B/S/H's factory has heavy pedestrian and forklift traffic. Trio Mobil's solution was installing a security system including 250 forklifts and 500 pedestrians. Moreover, forklift-pedestrian and forklift-forklift accident prevention systems were successfully implemented, as well as zone-based forklift speed control. Now forklifts and pedestrians can work safely together within the facility.

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Ford Otosan factory and pedestrians entering these areas as guests.

Forklift Safety and Tracking
System for Ford

Forklifts operate in an area of 65,000 m2 in the Ford Otosan factory and pedestrians enter this area as guests. Trio Mobil prevented forklift accidents in both production and transportation areas. The installation of a forklift tracking system with RTLS technology achieved a significant productivity increase. The Global HSE Competition awarded the project.

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In order to manage its Cold Chain operations in the most efficient way possible.

Forklift Pedestrian Safety
Systems for Beko

Beko's global operations include 45,000 employees, subsidiaries in 52 countries, and 30 production facilities in 9 countries. The installation of a forklift-pedestrian safety system and forklift-forklift accident prevention system serves 26,000 personnel and around 1,000 forklifts. 1,800 zones received zone-based speed limiting. The Beko project was Trio Mobil’s largest forklift safety project with a multi-country rollout.

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Global Coverage

Our global turn-key solutions serve multinational brands in 65 countries, across 5 continents. With a team of 250+ personnel - 60 of which are dedicated solely to R&D - all of our intellectual property is internally developed and produced. Supported by our branch offices, distributors, and extensive after-sales assistance, we facilitate seamless industrial safety worldwide.
Global Coverage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Forklift safety systems aim to minimize accidents and bolster safety within forklift operating environments. These encompass various technologies such as collision avoidance systems, proximity alerts, AI cameras, and zone-based speed control mechanisms.

Trio Mobil leads the forefront of forklift safety systems with its groundbreaking solutions. Offering the most comprehensive solution set in the industry that combines AI and UWB technologies, Trio Mobil's innovations include both tag-based and tagless solutions. By harnessing the power of AI and real-time data, Trio Mobil's systems are adept at safeguarding workers and enhancing operational safety to unprecedented levels.

A forklift safety camera system functions by utilizing image processing and edge processing technologies to detect the presence of pedestrians around the forklift. Unlike systems that require pedestrian tags, these advanced systems can alert operators without such requirements.

Trio Mobil pushes the boundaries of innovation with its TRUE AI and TRIO SAFE AI solutions. These include AI cameras for site monitoring and forklift-mounted AI cameras, respectively. By seamlessly integrating AI technology into their cameras, Trio Mobil's system autonomously detects pedestrians and promptly alerts operators, covering blind spots and offering a 360-degree protection This integration goes beyond traditional safety measures, significantly amplifying the safety and situational awareness of forklift operations. As a result, the risk of accidents and injuries in industrial settings is substantially reduced.

A forklift safety monitoring system includes capabilities for tracking and analyzing the behavior of forklift operations to pinpoint risky behaviors and areas for improvement.

Trio Mobil's forklift safety solutions leverage cloud technology for advanced analytics and real-time alerts, enabling businesses to gain insights into safety performance and act swiftly in addressing any concerns. This proactive monitoring helps cultivate a safer work environment and reinforces best practices among operators.

Forklift pedestrian safety systems are specifically designed to prevent accidents by alerting both the forklift operator and pedestrians of each other's presence, especially in blind spots or high-traffic areas.

By leveraging the ultra-wideband spectrum, UWB-based systems can achieve high accuracy in object localization. This level of precision is essential for identifying potential collision risks and providing timely warnings to both forklift operators and pedestrians, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

Trio Mobil's systems employ advanced detection technologies to provide these alerts, enabling that both operators and pedestrians are aware of potential dangers, thereby significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents in the workplace.

Forklift safety lights play a critical role in enhancing workplace safety by projecting visual warnings that alert pedestrians and other vehicle operators to the presence and movement direction of a forklift.

By projecting bright visual warnings onto the ground, these lights effectively communicate the presence and movement direction of forklifts to pedestrians and other vehicle operators in the vicinity. This proactive signaling helps individuals to anticipate and react to forklift movements, reducing the risk of collisions and accidents.

Trio Mobil's safety lights are designed to be highly visible, even in low light conditions, helping to prevent accidents by improving the visibility of forklift operations.

OSHA regulations set the baseline for forklift operation safety, emphasizing the necessity of proper training, equipment maintenance, and the implementation of safety measures to prevent accidents.

Trio Mobil's solutions are developed to meet and exceed these regulations, providing technologies that help businesses comply with safety standards while enhancing overall workplace safety through the innovative integration of AI and UWB technologies.

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