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Accidents in machine zones are one of the most severe risks to the occupational safety of any facility.

Even though these zones may be pedestrian-free, risks occur for field personnel in the following cases:

• Risk of robotic-arm collisions while robotic-arm maintenance teams work in the field

• Unauthorized entry of personnel into risky machine zone areas


Solutions for Machine Zones

AI Powered Safety Solution
Warning Lights for Pedestrians
ai safety solution
AI-Powered Safety Solution

TRUE-AI, Trio Mobil's AI-powered Video Analytics Camera, detects pedestrians, and with geofencing rules, the system triggers outputs for pedestrian safety.

TRUE-AI works offline and continuously monitors the area, triggering safety precautions within milliseconds.

The system automatically shuts down the machines when TRUE-AI detects a human in a designated virtual danger zone.

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warning lights
Warning Lights for Pedestrians

Triggered audiovisual alerts warn pedestrians about working machines. The pedestrian becomes aware of the dangerous situation, and the system enhances safety.

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Benefits of Trio Mobil's System


Edge AI Video Analytics

Ultimate Safety in Machine Zones with Edge-Processing AI Video Camera


Tagless Detection

The AI Camera detects pedestrians


Ultimate Protection

Zero Accident Goal in Facilities

rounded corner

Tailor-made Solutions

Personalized solutions for your specific needs

track changes

Plug & Play

Quick and easy to install

integration instructions


Set alerts for specific cases and integrations with 3rd party systems

visibility off

Data Privacy

End-to-end security

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Report & Analytics

Access safety statistics and reports through Trio Mobil's Cloud Platform and a Gateway connection

Trusted By Leading Brands

AI-powered forklift accident prevention system trusted by industry leaders for exceptional safety and performance

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