Transform Your Industrial Safety Strategy

Your All-in-One Partner for Industrial Safety and Efficiency Solutions: Enhance the Safety of Your Workforce, Streamline Your Operations, Enhance Efficiency

360- Degree Safety

Don't let human error be a risk when operating, eliminate near-miss cases, and enjoy a safe workplace.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Harness the power of data insights to make informed safety decisions, enhance protocols, and reduce risks.

Cost Savings and Increased Efficiency

Experience significant cost savings through reduced accidents, decreased downtime, and improved productivity, all while achieving higher safety levels.

Trusted by Hundreds of Companies

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Transform Your Industrial Safety Strategy

Global Coverage

Our global turn-key solutions serve multinational brands in 65 countries, across 5 continents. With a team of 250+ personnel - 60 of which are dedicated solely to R&D - all of our intellectual property is internally developed and produced. Supported by our branch offices, distributors, and extensive after-sales assistance, we facilitate seamless industrial safety worldwide.
Global Coverage





Trusted By Leading Brands

AI-powered forklift accident prevention system trusted by industry leaders for exceptional safety and performance

Our Core Values: The Essence of Safety

We understand the profound consequences of industrial accidents, and this understanding drives every aspect of our work.

Proactive Prevention

Proactive Prevention

We emphasize proactive measures to prevent accidents. Our approach is centered on identifying and mitigating risks before they become incidents.

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Global Reach

Global Reach

Our commitment to global industrial safety extends beyond borders, making operations safer worldwide, regardless of region.

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Safety Above All

Safety Above All

We prioritize safety as our foremost core value. Every solution we offer is built with the utmost dedication to the well-being of industrial workers.

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Our Innovative Approach: How We Make It Happen

Curious about our methodology? With a team of 250 individuals, including 60 in R&D, we internally develop all our intellectual property. This innovative approach combines AI and IoT to advance industrial safety and efficiency.

Comprehensive Safety Coverage

We cover a wide range of safety concerns, from forklifts to robotic cells, providing complete safety coverage.

Real-Time Safety Through Connectivity

With over 500,000 connected devices, we enable real-time risk identification and mitigation for proactive safety measures.

Our Innovative Approach: How We Make It Happen

By the Numbers: Trio Mobil's Global Impact

Trio Mobil serves 2,000+ enterprise customers and 18,000+ SMEs worldwide. With a global presence spanning the US, UK, Europe, MEA, and APAC our extensive network reaches every corner of the globe.

20,000+ Customers

500,000+ Connected Devices

65 Countries

ZERO Accident Goal

Recognition and Awards

Trio Mobil has received numerous accolades and awards for our contributions to workplace safety. These recognitions motivate us to continue our mission and set even higher standards in the industry.

Technology Fast 500 EMEA

Best SaaS Project of The Year

100 Most Successful Start-ups

Top Strategic Technology Trends

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