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Trio Mobil Contact Tracing
Solution helps to protect
the businesss and the
employees by monitoring social
distance regulations digitally

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Social Distancing Control
Backtrace Reporting
How can we utilize IoT technologies against outbreaks for safer workplaces?
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Which Technologies Should Be Used For a Safe Return to Work Environment During Pandemic Outbreak?
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What should be the minimum and maximum number of employees
who may use the system within the company?
There is no user limit in the system, It can be set up depending on the number of employees and start working without any limits.
What is the average cost of the system?
System cost is variable and depends on customer needs and the number of users.
How long does it take to set up the system?
The system has a fast and easy setup that ready to use without needing any development. Following customer decision, training and setup; the customer can start using the system immediately.