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Asset-Tracking RTLS System

Manage your assets, achieve increased visibility, and boost efficiency.
Real-Time Online Asset and Inventory Management

Gain real-time insight into the locations of your assets. Our smart tags and connected services deliver you the precise location of your assets or inventory.

The system saves time spent looking for lost items, avoiding improper shipments. Easy monitoring of inventory reduces search times and prevents product loss.

Speed up daily counting operations with fast access to real-time stock information.

Real-Time Online Asset and Inventory Management
High Production Quality
High Production Quality

Tracking at each production phase ensures that products meet specifications. Even in complex manufacturing processes, asset tracking secures high-quality products. An immediate alert indicates delays or anomalies. The system identifies and resolves workflow inefficiencies and errors.

The integration of API into the production system helps achieve production KPIs.

Significant Efficiency Increase

Asset tracking is critical for achieving operational efficiency and can optimize processes. Increased visibility, as well as accurate and traceable insights, boost efficiency.

Significant Efficiency Increase

Trio Mobil's Cutting-Edge Technologies for Asset Tracking

Highest Precision Indoor Tracking (UWB)
10cm - 1m / High

info    UWB Technology

Highest Precision Indoor Tracking (UWB)

Ultra-precise location tracking with Ultra WideBand (UWB) technology (10-40cm sensitivity).
Capable for use in all facilities due to its easy installation.

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Energy-Efficient Indoor Tracking (BLE)
Energy-Efficient Indoor Tracking (BLE)

Smart and industrial tags with Bluetooth Low Energy technology that tracks each product separately. BLE offers a modern and reliable data transfer system with low power consumption.

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Outdoor Tracking (GPS)
Outdoor Tracking (GPS)

Real-time GPS monitoring enables outdoor tracking of assets and inventory.

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Hybrid Tracking
Hybrid Tracking

Trio Mobil’s cutting-edge technology lets you track your assets and inventory indoors and outdoors. GPS and UWB systems combine for Hybrid Tracking technology.

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Indirect Asset Tracking
Indirect Asset Tracking

Monitor assets or products indirectly by tracking the real-time position of Material Handling Equipments (MHEs). UWB technology and beacons enable high precision and cost-efficient asset tracking.

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Benefits of Trio Mobil's System


Real-Time Tracking

Real-time visibility and indoor-outdoor monitoring of assets

battery life

Extended Battery Life

Rechargeable UWB / BLE tags with up to 7 years of battery life


Ultimate Protection

Alarm system prevents lost assets

rounded corner

Tailor-Made Solutions

Personalized solutions for your specific needs

track changes

Plug & Play

Quick and easy to install

integration instructions


Set alerts for specific cases and integrations with 3rd party systems

visibility off

Data Privacy

End-to-end security

customized report

Customized Reports

Tailored reports for your business needs

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