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Customer Success Stories

“ In order to manage its Cold Chain operations in the most efficient way possible, CarrefourSA prefers using Trio Mobil IoT Platform and technologies. With the integration between IoT Platform and ERP, route planning and delivery management systems, route optimization of all vehicles are being detected free of human intervention and operational units are notified in case of even minor problem occurrences. The temperature alarm limits are automatically updated by the type of goods in distribution, and they are constantly monitored with sensitive sensors. Thanks to Trio Mobil IoT technologies, it is made sure that the goods are delivered right on time and as fresh as possible. "

"AXA, one of the world leading insurance and asset management groups, launched AXA Go UBI program, a customized comprehensive insurance and driving experience platform. Developed with Trio Mobil's AI and Big Data supported Safe Driving Technology, Axa Go UBI offers a brand new insurance experience by analyzing behavioral patterns of the driver and providing personalized feedback."

“ Occupational health and safety is the most important element of our management model. We are working to keep occupational health and safety of all our employees at the highest level by implementing different applications in our factory. The system we recently launched with Trio Mobil has also been one of the things that made this difference in our facility. We wanted to develop a warning mechanism for the intersections of pedestrians and forklifts in our factory. With the solution implemented by Trio Mobil, we have positioned traffic lights which are operating automatically at these intersections. Now, in our factory, pedestrians receive an automatic stop warning when forklifts approach the intersection area up to 10 meters. ”

“ Lesaffre family with its 9,500 employees comprises a wide production, sales, and R&D network across 5 continents in more than 180 countries. With Trio Mobil IoT Platform, we can follow and control our distributor and dealer warehouses instantly through a single panel. The flexible alarm module allows us to receive notifications via SMS and e-mail in case of exceeding the limit for the period we set. By taking instant action, we prevent even the smallest quality problem. ”

" AstraZeneca is one of the world's leading innovative and research-based pharmaceutical companies with a healthcare service volume of $ 24.4 billion, operating in the field of research, development, production, marketing and delivery of prescription drugs. Its drugs are sold in more than 100 countries and produces in 16 countries. As Astra Zeneca, we’ve chosen Trio Mobil’s IoT based Social Distancing Solution for controlling the social distancing rule in order to protect the health of our employees during the pandemic period. "

"As Gürsel Tourism, we provide transportation for 200.000 staff and 40.000 students with more than 5,000 vehicles. The management of such a large operation requires a serious technology infrastructure. At this point, the tracking systems and big data infrastructure provided by Trio Mobil meet all our needs."

“ istegelsin is Turkey's first completely online supermarket; that solves the market shopping problems by developing technologies to provide mobile solutions; that brings the freshest fruits and vegetables kept on cold storages, products from the best brands to your house for the same prices as the regular supermarkets. As a company which offers new generation grocery shopping experience, delivering our products to customers with necessary health standards is the most critical part of our job at Istegelsin. We have digitized all our warehouses in Turkey with Trio Mobil IoT Solutions and started to manage all locations centrally and instantly ”

" As Devsel, we have 190 million meters annual production capacity in our high-tech facilities which spread to an area of 10.000 m2's. We export our products to 50 countries.and guarantee fast and high quality delivery thanks to our extensive machine capacity and experienced team. The work efficiency of our team is significantly important in order to fulfill this customer commitment. With the help of Trio Mobil's RTLS based Personnel Efficiency Solution, we increased our operational efficiency by 15%. Many thanks to Trio Mobil for their valuable contribution to this digitalization process of our factory. "

" Weebaby is the market leader in Turkey, being the first company with European quality standards in production with FDA approved raw materials. We succeeded in becoming the largest mother-baby products manufacturer in Turkey and Middle East by breaking new grounds in the industry and improving our production of machinery. We preferred Trio Mobil's IoT Platform, since it is a company that develops pioneering applications in the industry. In this way, we digitized our production line with the real-time tracking technology and data analytics solutions offered by Trio Mobil. Thanks to this system, we started to increase the efficiency of our business by instantly monitoring and analyzing the performance of our machines. We are thankful to Trio Mobil for their devoted and qualified support since the beginning of the project. "

As Betonsa, the Smart Concrete Project which we have realized in cooperation with Trio Mobil, enables the durability of buildings to be digitally monitored by measuring the quality of concrete with technology. Thanks to Trio Mobil's IoT Technologies, we can easily and reliably monitor the quality of the concrete. Thus, as concrete producers, we can transparently present the quality of the products in a standard manner. In today's world where even concrete can become smarter, Trio Mobil's solutions provide to be more prepared against disasters than ever.

Mudo is one of the leading brands in the retail industry with more than 125 stores around the world. In our stores throughout Turkey, we chose Trio Mobil IoT Solutions, in order to measure the eligibility of environmental conditions and the quality of air, additionally, in order to take control energy consumption by monitoring. We have started to use the Temperature Monitoring Solution for instant monitoring and automatic control of the ambient temperature. With the Trio Mobil Energy Monitoring Solution, we can monitor energy consumption values​ and we can see the summary of energy usage on the basis of day, month and year and provide detailed analysis.

As Loya Company, we preferred Trio Mobil Visitor Traffic Measurement and People Counting System in our 36 branches. By counting and reporting the people entering / leaving the store, we can track the traffic of people. Thus, while using the workforce in the most efficient way, we can also access parameters such as the time spent by customers in the store and the rate of return of visits to sales. We started to offer a healthier environment for both our customers and our employees by limiting visitors within the scope of pandemic measures during periods of high customer density.

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