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Measure the Performance of Employees and Increase Productivity in Your Facility with Trio Mobil IoT Solutions

Benefits for

Your Business?

Scope of the Solution

Trio Mobil Personnel Efficiency Tracking Solution determines the current location of the personnel and evaluates the productivity and ensures occupational heath and safety safety in the facility.

What are the Capabilities?

  • Determining which unit the employees are in at any given time and for how long.
  • Detecting the employees who remain inactive, and providing emergency action for the employees with the emergency button.
  • Sending an alarm to designated people and ensures rapid intervention in case of emergencies.
  • Providing fast entry and exit at turnstiles.

Who Can Use This?

All businesses in the manufacturing industry.

Personnel Productivity Tracking System in Real-Time
Regardless of indoor or outdoor areas, you can remotely track the status of your employee, restrict authorization for areas, receive emergency notifications and increase efficiency in your facility.
Collectively or individually, you can get instant or historic reports at any time of how much time employee spent in which area, working and break times, whether individuals are complying with the social distancing rules or not.
You can manage the interaction between employee and the department, designated area, production line, forklift, machinery, inventory etc. By assigning authorizations to areas, you can instantly respond to authorization violations and manage your business more efficiently and profitably.

More Efficient and Profitable Production Facilities
with Trio Mobil IoT Technology
Contract Tracing Solution
  • Real-time social distance control.
  • Instant notification via e-mail, SMS and mobile application in case of social distance violations.
  • Comprehensive history reporting infrastructure for contact tracing.
With Trio Mobil’s Contact Tracing Solution, you can protect the health of both employees and visitors in your facility and prevent the spread of the epidemic.
Instant Notification for Entries in Unauthorized Areas
  • Are the staff or visitors going into unauthorized areas?
  • Which employee is in which area?
  • Do they stay in the areas longer than permissible?
With Trio Mobil's real-time tracking technology, you can instantly monitor and be notified of violations.
Advanced Data Analytics
  • Digital and accurate measurement of distance between employees
  • Transfer of collected data to big data infrastructure
  • Optimizing the process with decisions based on the measured data
With the estimation algorithms offered by Trio Mobil ‘s advanced data analytics, you can predict and prevent possible risks in your facility.

Inactivity Alarm
  • Instant detection when employee is stationary.
  • Automatic warning system.
  • Notification by e-mail and SMS.
With Trio Mobil's real-time tracking technology, you can respond instantly to workplace accidents and health emergencies.
Fast Counting in Assembly Areas
  • Online/offline counting in seconds with mobile application.
  • Quick detection of missing personnel.
  • Autonomous operation for up to 24 hours without the need for electricity.
With Trio Mobil's real-time tracking technology, you can react rapidly in emergencies and ensure the safety of your employees.
Let's Find the Right Solution for You Together and Make Your Work Flow Perfect
With Trio Mobile Employee Productivity Solution, you can manage your business more profitably and more efficiently, while protecting the health of your employees by taking precautions against workplace accidents and epidemics.
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