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Manage Your Cold Chain Process Effectively, Protect the Quality of Food

Benefits for

Your Business?

Scope of the Solution

The operations of the cold chain are continued without any disruption during the factory’s production phase, the logistics process, and even at the selling point.

What are the Capabilities?

  • Tracking the cold chain in real-time.
  • Maintaining the temperature conditions needed to be kept constant during the procurement process from a single panel.
  • Detecting the changes in defined conditions, generating alarm to inform instantly.
  • Preventing food waste during the entire supply process and contributing to the sustainability.

Who Can Use This?

All businesses operating in the Retail, Production, Health, and Service industries.

Keep Track of the Ambient Conditions In Your Facility, Warehouses, and Selling Points with Cold Chain Management, Protect the Quality of Your Products
The operations can be tracked in real-time with environmental conditions control, and can be managed effectively with detailed reports.
The latest values of all temperature sensors can be tracked visually with the wireless system armed with a measurement precision of 0.5°C. The values measured from the temperature sensors are of the ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity and the air quality.
With the flexible alarm module, instant SMS and email notifications are received when the values exceed or drop below predefined limits. This allows for rapid reaction against discrepancies and prevents possible problems on time saving the quality of production.
The cold chain can be tracked with the help of an integrated scale system in the process, vehicles, warehouses, and sale points; healthier and quality products are presented to customers safely.

In 4 Steps
Track Cold Chain End-to-End


Keep track of the temperature and humidity conditions of the facility during production.


Keep track of the temperature and humidity conditions in the warehouses.


Keep track of the temperature and humidity conditions inside the vehicle during transportation.


Keep Track of the cold chain in the shop, restaurant, supermarket, medicine cabinet, etc.
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