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Key Benefits of People Counting Solution in the Retail Sector

In the retail sector, the number of store visitors is expressed with millions. In an industry where human circulation is so intense, being able to measure and analyze customer traffic in real-time enables stores to reach meaningful and applicable data. With this data, you can observe customers' in-store behavior, thus reshaping your sales and marketing operations. In this article, you can find out the importance and benefits of people counting solution in the retail industry.

What are the Benefits of People Counting Solution to the Retail Industry?

The stores' primary goal is to attract potential customers to the store and increase the sales rate. The increasing competition in the sector has led stores to develop operations in line with these goals. The People Counting Solution, developed using IoT technologies, allows businesses to see, report and compare retrospectively on daily, monthly, and yearly customer density. The accurate determination of the number of visitors ensures that future sales strategies are planned effectively. At the same time, you can observe how effective these strategies are by seeing your campaigns and advertisements' visitor impact. By taking into account the footfall analysis during weather conditions, holidays, and special days, you can efficiently plan your staff's work distribution and achieve profit and workforce efficiency.

Contribution of People Counting Solution to Social Distance Rules

Araç Takip Sisteminin Faydaları

Social distance rules are a set of rules that include keeping a physical distance from others at home and outside as much as possible to help preventing the spread of the virus in society and its negative effects during the pandemic period. In closed areas, the transmission rate of a carrier individual to society is extremely high, and queue management carries great importance. Being able to measure the number of customers entering and leaving the store contributes to social distance rules and provides a safer environment for both visitors and employees during the pandemic period. In businesses, thanks to the IoT-based store people counting solution, visitors can be restricted to the store during peak hours, and social distance rules can be kept under control.

How to Measure People Traffic in Store?

People Counting Solution provides counting and reporting of people entering/exiting the store by using wireless A.I. supported image and sensor processing technologies placed in the indoor area. Through the Trio Mobil cloud-based IoT platform, customer traffic can be tracked on the basis of day, month and year, and comparisons between metrics can be made.

Which Metrics Should Be Considered When Measuring?

The metrics you can obtain while measuring with the Trio Mobil People Counting Solution in the retail sector can be listed as follows:

  • The rate of customer attraction
  • The duration that customers spend in your store
  • The rate of visits to sale

Calculating the Conversion Rate

At the point of reporting the conversion rate of visits to sales, the conversion rate can be calculated on Trio Mobil's web-based IoT platform by estimating how many people enter and exit the store and how many of the relevant people shop.

It has been recognized that doubling the time of customer presence in the store resulted in an improvement in revenue of up to 30%. By calculating your conversion rate (the number of people entering - the number of invoices), you can compare store-based performance and improve weaknesses. Using IoT solutions will be much more effective in measuring store visits and interpreting the measurement result in the retail industry. You can visit our page to get more information about Trio Mobil People Counting System and contact us for solutions that are specific to your industry.


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