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Efficient Fleet Management with the help of IoT Technologies

The use of IoT Technologies in vehicles is growing in a significant rate. Thanks to the added value of IoT technologies in vehicles, it is predicted that the global smart transportation market will reach 262 Billion USD by 2025. IoT supported automotive market grew by 45% between 2018 and 2019. With respect to this, global shipments are expected to exceed 76 million by 2023

Transportation industry constantly develops by embracing innovational cutting edge technologies in order to become safer, more agile and more comfortable. Thanks to technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and IoT, concepts such as electric cars, autonomous vehicles, and cars of the future are now in our lives, and that’s enough to redefine the transportation industry.

Integrating Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and IoT technologies with vehicles is significantly valuable for companies who are managing a fleet.

With the help of IoT technologies, a company which has a fleet can;

  • Track when and where their vehicles ares
  • Monitor the speed and any speed limit violation of the vehicles
  • Digitally track and measure the distance covered by the vehicles
  • Measure the performance of the drivers

in an online/real-time manner and access historic data with backdated reporting. In addition, it is possible to create alarms, hence take necessary measures in order to prevent any violations which can occur against general traffic or specific company rules

It is clear that, IoT technologies are most commonly used for vehicle tracking purposes thanks to its benefits and contribution to fleet management operations. This technology enable managers to track when and where the vehicles are both online/real-time and backdated.

IoT devices, also help managers to track fuel consumption and recurring costs such as vehicle maintenance costs. These advantages create various opportunities for organizations such as cost saving and fast delivery.

Did you ever faced a huge maintenance bill, while your intention was just changing the oil? If so, you know the importance of frequent vehicle maintenance. Most of the drivers doesn’t have a clue on when to take the vehicle to inspection or what to check. IoT technologies provide solutions to those problems as well.

With the help of IoT based systems, all uncalculated problems can be cleared by analyzing back- dated data and cases such as emergency maintenance can be predicted. IoT devices can measure the performance of each vehicle equipment separately. It can warn the driver regarding the points to consider. This feedback enables the driver to take necessary maintenance precautions before any potential failures occur. Furthermore, automobile manufacturers can detect any common problems in the cars produced and use this information in order to produce safer cars.


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