What is Digital Twin?

By Nancy Rowling

clock Jul 13, 2021
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Digital Twin is an application that helps the physical environment in an enterprise to be traceable in the digital environment. This technology acts as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds for institutions. As a result of this pairing of virtual and physical worlds, organizations can monitor their operations before they are implemented, identify areas for improvement, and create insights on how a problem can be recognized and resolved.

The concept of the Digital Twin was first introduced by Dr. Michael Grieves as a result of NASA's matching technology. Digital Twin, which has been working in integration with other technologies such as IoT and Machine Learning since then, has started to be among the strategic technology trends in digital transformation.

In this article, we will talk about the concept of the digital twin, which is a virtual copy of a physical product, and its benefits.

The Benefits of the Digital Twin

The Digital Twin is impacting industries in many different areas. Thanks to this application, products that are costly and difficult to test in real life can be easily inspected before the product is presented to the physical world. Thus, the obtained insights can be applied in the physical environment, the product can be optimized and the risks for the product to be developed in real life can be reduced. As a result, operational performance and business processes can be significantly improved, and cost and time savings are achieved.

Another benefit of the digital twin is that it can extend the life of equipment and assets within the business. They can reduce operating expenses and potential capital expenditures by extending the life of the object they represent and optimizing operating performance. They provide important benefits in the prevention and detection of malfunctions, in the remote monitoring of the system or product, in the remote solution of the problems that occur, and in the development of warning systems.

What are the Usage Areas?

Digital Twin technology provides more efficient and cost-effective operations by digitizing sectors such as production, retail, service and health. By creating a digital twin of businesses, it has become possible to monitor all operational processes from a digital environment. Thus, every activity can be tracked, measured and optimized.

There are also many examples of digital twins in the field of design and product development. It foresees how adequate and effective designs can be, enables appropriate decisions to be made, and testing the developed products to identify missing parts.

IoT and Digital Twin

The Digital Twin has a wide area of use in the Internet of Things (IoT) field today and its use is increasing day by day due to the benefits it provides. According to a Gartner report, it is estimated that by 2022, more than two-thirds of companies implementing IoT will deploy at least one digital twin in production, and this number may be available within a year. As the Industry 4.0 revolution aims, IoT works in integration with many different technologies in order to equip production and living spaces with smart devices and to make systems work in an integrated manner.

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides access to real-time and retrospective data of the product through sensors placed on physical objects. Thus, it provides an infrastructure that helps create, share and archive the data needed to make a digital model a true twin that reflects all the features of the physical world.

Thanks to Trio Mobil's Digital Facility Solution, a virtual model of your business, in other words its digital twin, can be created and all parameters that need to be followed can be controlled through a single management panel. From product quality to efficiency, from savings to occupational health and safety, IoT solutions and big data technology add value to operations, and business processes proceed smoothly without interruption. For more information about Trio Mobil Digital Facility solution, you can visit our page and contact us.

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