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The World is Changing: Covid Outbreak and Its Effects on Business World

The Covid -19 pandemic, which affected the whole world, also influenced the way we do business besides changing the way we live.

This extraordinary situation, which harshly affected national economies and upset the major balances, completely changed the daily routines of finance, operations, production, sales units in and brought forward some new concepts.

Surviving this period with minimum loss or no damage, will depend on how much the companies adapt to this change and how fast they orient themselves in order to maintain the continuity of their operations.

Priority for Business Continuity: Safety & Health

To ensure the continuity of organizations, the top priority is to sustain employee health and safety. When it comes to health and safety, precise solutions are required in a way that leaves no room for human error. And at this point, IoT technologies and solutions are coming to the rescue.

Maintaining business continuity and operational functionality while ensuring the safety of employees and customers, is possible with solutions offered by IoT technologies.

Security Measures That Can Be Implemented in Organizations:

One of the most critical measures valid all over the world is to measure social distancing and to comply with the social distance rule emphasized by the World Health Organization.

At this point, Trio Mobil developed the most “Reliable” “Human Error Free” and “Solid” solutions for this need via IoT Technologies.

  1. Reliable Solution to Social Distancing:

    One of the main topics stated by all the authorizations across the globe, is to perform tracking and reporting, to ensure employee and environmental safety

    According to the statement published by the CDC in May 2020, the implementation and effective monitoring of safety policies regarding social distance is critical for companies to prevent the spread of the disease within their organizations.

    Considering the recommended precautions, indoor real-time tracking systems are particularly prominent.

    Trio Mobil Digital Facility - Efficient Workforce Solution enables; real time tracking of employees' social distances, warning - info notification and detailed reporting in case of violation.

    Thanks to the easy installation and ease of use of the Trio Mobil IoT Platform, organizations can swiftly adapt to this change and a safe work environment can be created by ensuring business continuity, while taking precautions for employee health

  2. Tracking of Field Operation Employees:

    During the epidemic, monitoring the health and safety of the employees working on the field is an important factor. Detecting the instant and the previous locations of the employee, and being aware of emergencies have become critical in today's conditions.

    Below are made possible with Trio Mobil's Personnel Tracking solution:

    • Online – Real-time location information,
    • High precision previous location information
    • Emergency notification mechanism
    • In case of failed GPRS connection, the ability to record the data and transfer it once the connection is up, with the help of the internal memory of the device
    • In case of unfortunate situations, when the panic button is pressed, it is possible to acquire instant data about the employee such as his/her location and notify the related business unit
  3. Entrance – Exit Control in Specified Spots

    Controlling entrance and exits in many locations such as factories, super markets, pharmacies, retail shops, offices, etc. is crucial in terms of public and employee health

    Trio Mobil Digital Facility – Visitor Traffic Measurement solution provides digital control of the Entrance/Exit traffic at the specified spot, and prevents unwanted queuing.

  4. Keep Connected While Working Remotely !

    In order to ensure business continuity, it became important to be able to monitor the entire operation digitally from your home or office. With Trio Mobil IoT platform, developed with cutting edge technologies, it is very easy to generate and monitor the digital twin of the organizations.

    Varying from workforce efficiency to energy consumption or from environmental conditions to production performance… All your data can be easily monitored through the secure cloud infrastructure of the Trio Mobil IoT Platform.


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