Robotic Cell Safety

Robotic Cell areas are one of the highest-risk areas for personnel.

Robotic arms in Robotic Cell areas work according to a specific program and can't detect objects outside of their working order in the area.

The high risk occurs in robotic cells in cases such as;

  • Maintenance teams entering the area during maintenance periods
  • Unauthorized personnel entering the site without permission
  • The continuation of the robotic arms may pose fatal risks for the personnel.
With TRUE-AI developed by Trio Mobil, you can eliminate risky situations for your personnel in robotic cell areas.

TRUE-AI is an AI-Powered Video Analytics Safety Solution.

With TRUE-AI placed in the robotic cell area, when a human is detected in the cell area, the robotic arm stops working, or the robotic arm that needs to start working is prevented from working. In addition, this process is supported by a visual warning in which the human is perceived, thus providing information to the personnel in the field.

With TRUE-AI, artificial intelligence technology is used in robotic cell areas to protect your personnel from deadly risks.

Uninterrupted and secure continuation of workflows is ensured.


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