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How to Increase Efficiency and Profitability in Factories with Digitalization?

By Nancy Rowling

clock Dec 24, 2021
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Due to increasing costs and changing market conditions, business continuity, profitability and efficiency have become more important than ever in the manufacturing sector. It has become a necessity to quickly integrate technology into operations in order to prevent production stoppages and operations interruption due to human errors or machine failures in enterprises. With the integration of the technologies offered as a solution to all these risks and productivity opportunities into the factories, the concept called Smart Factory has emerged, providing businesses with the opportunity to manage their operations with predictable and manageable systems. Smart Factories; are defined as a digitalized and connected business environment by automating machinery and equipment with the help of technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence and cloud systems. Thanks to the software and hardware developed with technology, the production can be monitored instantly, remotely intervened when necessary, and certain parameters can be monitored retrospectively in the factory, which has become digital. Thus, productivity and profitability are increased.

Digitalized Operations in Smart Factories

It is seen that processes are managed much more efficiently in many aspects such as speed, efficiency and profitability in smart factories that incorporate digital technologies into business processes.

In smart factories; Critical values such as production, the number of products produced, malfunctions of machines, the status of the production line can be monitored instantly, retrospective reporting and forward-looking estimations can be made.

Thanks to digital systems, more controlled, efficient and economical management of operations is provided in smart factories. Different modules, from forklift tracking to energy monitoring, from personel efficiency tracking to machine efficiency, from social distance control to cold chain management, can be managed with a single infrastructure and panel.

  • With the forklift safety system, the safety of forklifts and personnel in enterprises can be maximized and productivity can be increased. Accidents and collisions are prevented by tracking the location of forklifts in open and closed areas with very high precision.
  • With the energy monitoring solution, electricity bills are controlled and the invoice error rate is reduced. Instant electricity consumption, active/reactive power consumption, measurement and optimization are provided. By monitoring the energy quality instantly, alarms are generated in case of sudden voltage drops/high voltages, and critical failures and risks are prevented for occupational safety.
  • With the personnel efficiency tracking, the instant location of the personnel in the enterprises is determined, employee productivity is measured and work safety is enhanced. It is observed in which unit and for how long the personnel spend, and the inactive personnel can be detected and an optional audible warning can be made for safety purposes.
  • With the machine efficiency tracking, the machines in the enterprises are monitored 24/7, critical parameters are measured and productivity is increased. It is ensured that how long the machines work and the efficient time information are reported. If the machines are not used for a certain period of time, it is ensured to prevent operator based operation by generating an alarm.
  • With wireless sensors in cold chain management and an end-to-end integrated system; The continuity of the cold chain management required by the product is ensured, including the production phase, logistics process, cold storage and final sales point in the factory.
  • With social distance control, employees can be followed instantly and real-time social distance control can be made. With real-time alert systems, immediate intervention is provided and possible problems are prevented.

Developed with the latest technologies, the Trio Mobil IoT Platform allows you to reach insights about all your operational processes, from occupational safety to energy consumption, from production performance to personnel efficiency. For more information about the Trio Mobil IoT platform, you can visit our page and contact us.

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