Ensure AGV Safety with AI-based Collision Avoidance System

Modern AGVs are equipped with safety features, but this does not guarantee complete safety. There are still blind spots, unusual turns, and movement, and AGVs may not be able to stop if a person or forklift/AGV suddenly appears. With Trio Mobil's cutting-edge technology, you can manage the mixed traffic where people, manual forklifts, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) operate in the same area and attain a safe working environment.

AI-based Collision Avoidance System

Below are the primary use cases for preventing AGV collisions;

1. When there is dangerous proximity to forklifts with AGVs, the system automatically decreases the speed of forklifts. In addition, visual and audio alarms are generated to warn forklift operators.

2. When a person or forklift is close to AGVs, the system automatically limits the speed of AGVs.

3. When there is dangerous proximity between AGVs and pedestrians, the pedestrian tags with increasing vibrations warn pedestrians.

The AGV Safety & Collision Avoidance System from Trio Mobil ensures that AGVs, forklifts, and employees can work safely in the same working area. To learn more about this solution, get in touch with us and request a demo.


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