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What should be the criteria when choosing an energy management system?

The economic difficulties experienced due to the Covid-19 pandemic caused many businesses to cut costs and look for savings opportunities. Energy consumption is the foremost issue addressed for savings, due to its share in total costs. The first step for energy saving is the establishment of an accurate monitoring and analysis system. Although there are many different options from manual measurements to artificial intelligence-supported wireless solutions, it is very important to choose the right technology and solution partner to ensure sustainable savings. The most important step in the establishment of the energy management system is to choose an easy-to-install technology infrastructure that provides rapid and easy analysis to meet the business requirements. The most critical items for hardware and software to be used in data collection can be listed as follows.

  • Does the system to be installed allows wireless data detection?
    Considering the difficulties in the installation and maintenance of wired systems, a wireless infrastructure is a must. Due to this, all IoT solutions offered by Trio Mobil are offered with wireless communication infrastructure.

  • Does the selected system have a big data infrastructure, does it require installation and management within the enterprise?
    While IoT systems produce data at an unimaginable size even today, according to IDC's report dated 2019, the amount of data produced by IoT devices will reach 79.4 Zetabytes in 2025. The way to make the most effective use of big data is to store this data simultaneously in the correct databases according to the usage area and to use it where each database is strong. Therefore, choosing a SQL-based database and piling the data there, as was done in the past, is equivalent to throwing away all the investment. Trio Mobil IoT Platform allows you to gain big data opportunities for your business without any additional costs, even if you buy a single energy meter.

  • Rules module and artificial intelligence supported anomaly detection.
  • There might be dozens of rules as you want the shift supervisor to be informed about a turned-on daytime lamp or about an idle machine consuming standby current. The IoT platform you choose should allow you to define rules without any limits to the time intervals and conditions you might want from different sensors’ data, while also enabling them to take action by informing concerned individuals immediately in case of something erroneous. With the advanced rule module and artificial intelligence supported anomaly detection of the Trio Mobil IoT Platform, you will not encounter any unexpected consumption invoices.

  • It is crucial that the selected platform can receive data from different sensors and detect the cases such as high temperature, machine running idle, the cooler being turned on, that cause energy consumption. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to analyze the results without understanding the causes. Trio Mobil IoT Platform provides you with 10 different modules, from environmental conditions to machine operating times, from visitor traffic to employee positions, allowing you to easily detect conditions that cause excess consumption.

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