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Monitor the Efficency of the Employees with Trio Mobil IoT Solutions

Benefits for

Your Business?

Scope of the Solution

Trio Mobil Personnel Efficeny Tracking provides instant location of personnel at retail and service points such as stores, markets, restaurants, to measure productivity and occupational safety.

What are the Capabilities?

  • Determining which unit the staff members are in at any given time and for how long.
  • Providing emergency care for the workers with the emergency button.
  • Detecting the workers who remain inactive, with the option of an audible warning in such cases.
  • Sending an alarm to designated people and ensures rapid intervention, in case of emergencies.
  • Providing fast entry and exit at turnstiles.

Monitor Personel Remotely and Get Reporting with Employee Productivity Tracking System
Provides instantaneous location of the personnel, measurement of productivity and job security.
Whether 1 or 1000. You can observe the status of your staff, do field authorization, receive emergency notifications, and increase productivity in your workplace by doing all these without moving from your place, regardless of being indoors or outdoors.
In groups or individually, you can get reports at any time by checking instantaneously or reviewing where and for how long individuals are and whether they are following the social distancing rules.
Manage your business comfortably with increasing profitability through efficiency monitoring of your staff from a single point with region-based entrance-exit, time spent, routes followed during the day and real-time location.

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