Step into Tomorrow's Workplace Safety at LogiMAT 2024!

Get ready for LogiMAT 2024 – the pinnacle of innovation in intralogistics! As we set the stage for the future, our booth at #9C41 is a beacon of cutting-edge technologies that promise to redefine workplace safety and revolutionize your operations.

Explore the Future of Industrial Safety at booth #9C41:

360-Degree Safety Reinvented!

Experience a paradigm shift in safety protocols with our state-of-the-art AI and IoT-integrated technology, delivering a 360-degree safety experience. Immerse yourself in a meticulously crafted ecosystem that eradicates human error, prevents near-miss incidents, and establishes a workplace culture steeped in safety.

Data-Driven Brilliance

Our Data-Driven Decision Making technology empowers you to take control of safety with real-time insights. Make informed decisions that significantly impact your operations, dynamically enhance protocols as needed, and stay ahead of potential risks.

Cost Savings, Increased Efficiency

Uncover the untapped capabilities within your operations. Our transformative solutions are designed to elevate safety standards while paving the way for substantial cost savings. Witness a tangible reduction in accidents, experience minimal downtime, and propel your productivity to unprecedented heights. Boost your operational efficiency to new dimensions.

Why Visit Our Booth:

AI and IoT Synergy

Embark on a journey where Artificial Intelligence (AI) seamlessly integrates with the Internet of Things (IoT) to redefine safety parameters without compromising operational efficacy. Gain insights into the harmonious convergence of these technologies and their transformative impact on safety.

Live Demonstrations and Expert Insights

Our experts are ready to take you on an immersive journey. Witness live demonstrations, gain hands-on experience with our solutions, and engage in insightful discussions that unveil the limitless possibilities our technologies bring to the table.

Join Us at Booth #9C41 – Where the Future Unfolds!

Don’t just attend LogiMAT 2024; make it an experience. Visit our booth at #9C41 and become a part of a safety revolution. Let's shape the future together, where safety is not just a priority but a strategic imperative. Your journey to a safer, more efficient workplace begins here. See you at LogiMAT 2024!

Meet our Executive Team at Logimat 2024

Visit our team during the fair with an exclusive time slot, and experience the cutting-edge era of workplace safety firsthand!


Nevzat Ataklı

CEO & Co-Founder


Dirk Münchow

VP of Sales & Business Development


Barış Çağırankaya

Senior VP of Global Sales & Business Development


Witold Kruk-Olpinski

Sales Director Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic


Alparslan Kurtuluş

VP of Global Alliances & Partnership Management


Ebru Korkmazer

Growth Marketing Executive


Bahadır Özen

Product Manager

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