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Instantly Monitor Your Energy Consumption in your Factory with Trio Mobil IoT Solutions

Benefits for

Your Business?

Scope of the Solution

Trio Mobil Energy Monitoring Solution provides instant tracking, measurement and optimization of energy consumption per unit in production facilities and notifies in case of unexpected changes.

What are the Capabilities?

  • Providing control of electricity bills, reducing bill the error rate.
  • Enabling the measurement and optimization of instantaneous electricity and active/reactive power consumption.
  • Providing prompt monitoring of the energy quality and generating alarms in case of sudden voltage changes.
  • Preventing critical risks for occupational health and safety.
  • Reporting the consumption differences based on branch, unit and location, and channels savings.

Who Can Use This?

All businesses in the Retail and Service industry.

How to Increase the Profitability of Your Store with Energy Monitoring Solution?
Send and receive data 24/7 by connecting to any equipment that consumes electricity anywhere in your store.
Measure how much energy your equipment consumed instantly or for a different time span by viewing it live or by checking the reports generated from the collected data.
If there is an unnecessary or unexpected energy consumption in your business, get notified instantly, intervene at the right time and manage your consumption and devices remotely.
Energy Monitoring
  • 24/7 monitoring to prevent loss, leakage and forgetfully left open switches.
  • Invoice verification.
  • Avoiding fines with reactive consumption analysis.
  • Preventing damage to your equipment due to voltage drops or high harmonics with energy quality analysis.

Savings and Productivity Opportunities

+ Energy saving by analysis of energy consumption and detection of wasted equipment depending on the production amount.

+ Monitoring of high consumption machinery and equipment based for equipment and maintenance, etc. Any unusual energy consumption can be detected and investigated to eliminate possible issues with the equipment.

+ Calculation of efficiency by comparing equipment output and energy consumption.

+ Being informed instantly of possible equipment malfunctions with 24-hour monitoring.

+ Comparing area-based consumption of building.

+ Monitoring reactive energy consumption and avoiding government charged penalties.

+ Verifying invoices and preventing any errors that may lead to higher charges.

+ Preventing the use of resources for unwanted reasons with immediate detection of unusual consumption.

+ Safe use of equipment with analysis of voltage and energy quality.
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