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What is the Realtime Location (RTLS) Technology, Why is it Needed?

By Nancy Rowling

clock Nov 27, 2020
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Nowadays, Real-Time Location Systems (RLTS) applications increase in businesses. We will mention what real-time location systems are and how you can benefit RTLS for your business in this article.

Real-Time Location Tracking Systems, also known as RTLS (Real-Time Location System), are rapidly growing wireless technology solutions that are diversely applicable to nearly every industry in order to improve work efficiency and quality. Due to lack of the reception for GPS signals indoors, there need to be fixed antennas placed within the facility. With the advancements in wireless communication technologies, it is possible to apply it in all areas such as monitoring/controlling employees and equipment, visitor monitoring, and asset-office stock management with only small-sized tracking devices. It is a platform used to track stationary and mobile inventory, production tracking and tracking of in-warehouse equipment (forklift, reach truck, tow truck, etc.), and real-time location tracking of personnel in businesses in almost every sector. The purpose of these systems is location-based tracking of assets and sharing this tracked data via third party software on web services in order to make the usage of resources more efficient.

Why Is RTLS Needed?

Following are the benefits of RTLS technologies:

    - Reducing work-related safety risks
    - Increasing operational quality and efficiency
    - Ensuring the safety of unaccompanied workers
    - Saving labor and time
    - Creating new workflows
    - Improving current business processes
    - Reducing production and labor costs

If you need more information about real-time location systems and how you can apply RTLS Technologies to your business, you can contact us.

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