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What Are the Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems?

With Vehicle Tracking Systems enabling you to track when, where, and how your vehicles are, it is possible to obtain efficiency, safety, and saving benefits in your vehicles.

These systems used by much more companies day by day have been drawing attention with their growth speed in the global market. According to Statista, the vehicle tracking system market, which was 150 billion dollars in 2019, is expected to reach 324 billion in 2029.

What is Vehicle Tracking System, How Does It Work?

Via any device connected to the internet through a web-based interface and developed mobile applications, the users can log in to the system with their usernames and password to track their vehicles and fleets.

By way of the latest technologies and developed devices & software; vehicles’ information is processed instantly through cloud systems by using mobile base stations and GPS technologies. The speed, route, location, contact, and daily information of vehicles are reported instantaneously and backwardly; users’ checking processes are ensured, defined warnings are transmitted via SMS or e-mail.

What is Vehicle Tracking System, How Does It Work?

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle Tracking Systems provide companies to manage their vehicles and fleets in a way more controlled, efficient, and safer. Extra usage and saving points in vehicles can be detected with reports and instant tracking. If speed limitations are not followed, warnings are ensured with reports, potential risks are prevented. With vehicle tracking systems:

  • Unauthorized travels and non-business activities can be prevented with an instant location tracking solution.
  • The maintenance, service, and repair activities of the vehicles are monitored. Additionally, maintenance and service requirements can be foreseen.
  • Using vehicle tracking devices, vehicles can be remotely accessed and controlled instantly in cases of theft or loss by providing necessary information.
  • Fuel consumption can be reduced so that cost of fuel is saved.
  • By composing accurate routes to personnel traveling, efficient planning is ensured.

Furthermore, Vehicle Tracking Systems provide tracking of vehicles with safe vehicle usage and obtaining reports on past events.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems

Tracking with Mobile Devices

Via any device connected to the internet through a web-based interface and developed mobile applications, you can log in to the system with your username and password to track your vehicles and fleets whenever you wish.

In the Vehicle Tracking System, speed limitations and regions can be predetermined, notifications are sent via SMS, and e-mail in such cases of and region violations. Additionally, integration with other software used in the company is possible as well. Thus, regular data transfer is provided.

What are Tracking Devices and Their Features?

Different vehicle tracking devices can be chosen in accordance with the specific requirements of the industry. The standard tracking devices track the vehicles live and provide reporting backwardly. On the other hand, the professional tracking devices enable access to more comprehensive data and reports in line with customer needs thanks to the optionally added sensors. Vehicle Tracking Systems provide location information at defined intervals. The scope of the data received can be extended depending on the requirements.

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