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TRUE-AI: The Revolutionary AI Computer for Workplace Safety

By Nancy Rowling

clock Aug 29, 2023
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As businesses grow, so does the need for workplace safety. Ensuring a safe environment for employees and visitors is a top priority for any organization. With the advancement of technology, AI-based solutions have proven to be highly effective in ensuring workplace safety. TRUE-AI is a real-time AI computer designed to produce high-precision solutions in various occupational safety scenarios.

At its core, TRUE-AI uses image processing and analysis through deep learning and edge processing to detect pedestrians, forklifts, and vehicles. Its bird-eye view allows it to monitor blind spots and improve safety in danger zones. TRUE-AI can also be integrated with third-party systems to trigger safety precautions within milliseconds, leading to a safer workplace.

Let's take a closer look at some of the features that make TRUE-AI a revolutionary AI computer for workplace safety.

Forklift Safety & Collision Avoidance System: TRUE-AI uses image processing and AI algorithms to detect pedestrians in the defined zone. It can automatically slow down the forklift with UWB integration if any pedestrian is in the designated zone. Audio-visual alerts warn the forklift operator, providing pedestrian safety.

Loading Dock Safety: TRUE-AI enhances loading dock safety by detecting pedestrians and vehicles and activating safety outputs, including traffic lights and a configurable audio alert system that issues warnings to both pedestrians and drivers. The system can also be integrated with an electrical chock system and a hydraulic locker for added security.

Machine Zone Safety Assistance System: TRUE-AI improves the safety of pedestrians within defined zones through AI and video analysis. In case a pedestrian is detected near the machine, it immediately deactivates the machine or alerts pedestrians through audio and visual warnings, contributing to a safer environment.

Crane Safety Assistance System: TRUE-AI enhances safety through its AI camera system, detecting pedestrians while cranes are in motion. In the event of pedestrian detection, it instantly stops crane operation or alerts individuals with audio-visual warnings, preventing accidents and protecting lives.

The benefits of TRUE-AI are numerous, including tagless pedestrian detection, edge processing AI camera, integrated UWB system for forklift slowing down, smart geofencing and zone management, a flexible rule engine for customized scenarios, integration with third-party systems, automated alerts and notifications, data analysis, and cloud monitoring of all the systems, and a plug & play system for quick installation.

In conclusion, TRUE-AI is a revolutionary real-time AI computer that provides a comprehensive solution to improve workplace safety. Its ability to detect and prevent accidents in various occupational safety scenarios is highly effective and makes it an essential component in any organization's safety measures.

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