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Transforming Forklift Safety: TRIO SAFE AI

By Nancy Rowling

clock May 31, 2023
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In today's dynamic industrial landscapes, prioritizing the safety of workers while optimizing operational efficiency has become more crucial than ever. While traditional safety measures like cameras and ultrawideband (UWB) technology have demonstrated their effectiveness individually, what if there was a solution that could harness the advantages of both? Introducing TRIO SAFE AI, the revolutionary fusion of Mobil-AI's cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) product with the TRIO SAFE UWB forklift safety solution.

AI cameras have revolutionized occupational safety by providing real-time video analytics and image processing capabilities. However, their effectiveness is often limited by line-of-sight constraints, occlusions, and various environmental factors. On the other hand, UWB technology offers precise localization and tracking capabilities, but it lacks the intelligence of AI to analyze complex scenarios. TRIO SAFE AI bridges this gap by harnessing the power of both technologies, delivering unprecedented safety benefits for forklift operations.

One of the key advantages of TRIO SAFE AI is its ability to swiftly detect pedestrians and trigger responses in milliseconds through edge processing. By leveraging Mobil AI's advanced deep learning algorithms and integrated camera and sensors, the system can analyze the environment with remarkable accuracy. In hazardous situations where forklifts and pedestrians may come into proximity, TRIO SAFE AI acts as a reliable safeguard, generating instant alerts and facilitating appropriate actions.

TRIO SAFE AI offers tagless detection of pedestrians. This means that the system can accurately identify individuals without the need for them to wear specific tags or markers. This feature eliminates the need for additional equipment and streamlines the implementation process.

Moreover, TRIO SAFE AI supports multi-camera configurations, allowing for comprehensive coverage of the operational area. This feature enables enhanced visibility and eliminates blind spots, improving that potential safety hazards are detected from every angle.

To further bolster safety protocols, TRIO SAFE AI provides additional functionalities such as the ability to activate siren lights and loud alarms. These audible warnings effectively alert both forklift operators and pedestrians, reducing the likelihood of accidents and improving overall situational awareness.

One of the standout features of TRIO SAFE AI is its capability to slow down forklifts to pre-defined speeds when pedestrians are in close proximity. This automatic slowdown scenario, combined with UWB technology, provides that the appropriate safety measures are implemented in real-time. By defining distance thresholds for the slowdown rules, companies can customize the system to align with their unique operational requirements and environments. Adjustments can also be made to the speed limitation through forklift software settings, though it's crucial that authorized forklift technicians handle these configurations to guarantee compliance with safety standards.

TRIO SAFE AI goes beyond forklift-pedestrian safety applications. It also supports forklift-forklift safety with UWB, enabling collision avoidance between multiple forklifts. Additionally, the system facilitates zone-based forklift slowdown, ensuring that forklifts adhere to designated speed limits in specific areas where pedestrian traffic is higher.

TRIO SAFE AI represents a significant leap forward in forklift safety solutions, combining the power of UWB technology and AI cameras in a single, integrated product. By leveraging Mobil AI's image processing capabilities and the precision of UWB, the system offers unparalleled safety benefits, surpassing the limitations of the traditional camera or UWB solutions.

In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, where worker safety and operational efficiency are critical, TRIO SAFE AI is the ultimate choice for companies seeking to optimize their forklift operations and improve safety in their work environment. Embrace the future of forklift safety with TRIO SAFE AI, where UWB and AI converge to protect lives and empower businesses. Request a demo to learn more about revolutionary TRIO SAFE AI.

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