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How Can Video Analytics and IoT Integration Help to Improve Forklift Safety?

By Nancy Rowling

clock Oct 27, 2023
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Forklift safety is a serious issue for operators worldwide. In the US, OSHA estimates there are hundreds of thousands of injuries involving forklifts every year. The majority of accidents are preventable with proper training, operation, and forklift safety system technology.

How Video Analytics and IoT Work Together to Improve Forklift Safety?

Trio Mobil uses AI-enabled cameras to visualize and monitor workflow in real time and create triggers to prevent accidents. AI cameras will continuously monitor activity in facilities and other workplaces. By tracking vehicles, machines, and pedestrians, it can detect potential problems before they occur with video analytics. This provides a bird’s eye view of the area with no blind spots.

When a potential conflict is identified, time is of the essence. Camera units contain cameras, processors, and controllers which allow for fast triggers within milliseconds. Computer vision recognizes patterns and can often see potential problems before humans. Deep learning allows AI cameras to get smarter over time as more data is gathered.

TRUE-AI and Video Analytics Work

When integrated with a forklift collision avoidance system, visual and audible alarms can warn operators and pedestrians using the forklift proximity alert system. A forklift can be configured to automatically decelerate or stop completely based on pre-set scenarios. Fixed anchors can be used and configurable zones enforcing speeds in certain areas to create a safer working environment.

The same technology can expand beyond watching for forklift accidents, such as monitoring loading docks, machine zones, crane lines, other equipment, and site monitoring. The system comes with an online platform that monitors safety performance to keep an eye on compliance and conflicts. Event-based small video clips are stored for review in case an accident does occur or used as training and coaching opportunities for employees and machine operators.

Prevent Workplace Accidents with TRUE-AI's Video Analytics Capability

TRUE- AI can help prevent workplace accidents and injuries with its video analytics capability. Trio Mobil offers a fully-integrated workplace safety solution that leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning, and advanced image processing to reduce forklift accidents and improve forklift safety.

Contact Trio Mobil today to request a demo and see how video analytics and IoT integration work together to create a safer environment.

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