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Forklift Safety Solutions for Occupational Health and Safety

Forklift Safety Solutions for Occupational Health and Safety

Thanks to the digitalized systems in the production and retail sector, it has been observed that resources are used more effectively and the production capacity and market volumes of enterprises have increased. It has become a necessity to work most safely and efficiently for the work machines used in the transfer operations of the products in parallel with these capacity increases. For example, the increase of industrial vehicles operating with electrical systems has not only reduced the need for manpower by helping manufacturers carry heavy equipment on the production line but also revealed the aforementioned safety requirements. Forklifts, which bring safety problems with the rapid increase in usage rates, are the leading ones among these industrial vehicles in the sector.

Growth of Forklift Market

Increasing demands of consumers have led to larger storage and warehouse space requirements, as the products require extra stock. Today, different distribution methods and storage technologies are used to deliver the products to their users without any damage. Modern construction equipment is one of the methods and technologies used to meet the increasing supply volume and transfer products, and forklifts are the leading ones. Forklifts are preferred in almost all transfer operations in the sector because they can be used in various models with uniform layout, rotating turrets, and product handling systems with various power options. Due to these needs and developments in the manufacturing and retail sector, the growth of the forklift market is enhancing rapidly around the world.

The predictions of the managers of leading companies in the industry are that the global forklift market can grow at an incredible rate in the future with the increasing demand for forklifts in production and warehouses. The global forklift market size was determined to be $45.01 billion in 2019. As seen in the graph, it is expected to reach $81.40 billion by 2027 and to record a compound annual growth rate of 7.3 percent in the period from 2020 to 2027.

Global Forklift Volume Value Source: Allied Market Research

The Increase of Forklift Safety Problems with the Growing Market

While forklift usage rates have increased rapidly in the production and retail sector, the accident rates caused by forklifts in enterprises have also increased by approximately 30 percent annually. Forklifts are one of the most dangerous types of vehicles as they are constantly used around pedestrians. The situation can become even more dangerous if these vehicles, which play the leading role in the transfer operations in enterprises, are not used correctly or the transported products are not loaded properly. For example, there were approximately 85 deaths and 34,900 severe accidents as a result of forklift accidents last year, according to the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. According to this institution, the most common accident examples are that forklifts hit pedestrians and the surrounding area, overturn and forklift drivers fall from the vehicle. Another striking statistic is that approximately 11 percent of forklifts in the world played a role in these accidents last year. These safety concerns, created by the increasing number of accidents, are one of the most important obstacles to the growth of the forklift market.

In addition, forklift accidents can significantly affect the workflow, reduce the profitability of businesses and cause high fines and legal liabilities. Therefore, it is very important to ensure forklift tracking and safety, for the efficiency and uninterrupted operation of businesses.

For these reasons, analyzing forklift accidents and determining the measures to be taken to prevent possible accidents are of great importance in terms of Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Occupational Health and Safety Solution Suggestions for Increasing Forklift Accidents

When it comes to the technologies required to prevent forklift accidents, Trio Mobil offers its users one of the highest quality and comprehensive solutions in the world with its “Forklift Safety and Tracking” solution. With the forklift security solution developed using the most advanced IoT and Artificial Intelligence technologies supported by data analytics, significant contributions can be made to both occupational health and safety and productivity increase of enterprises. With the solution offered by Trio Mobil, the forklifts are automatically slowed down / stopped when they encounter each other or pedestrians, preventing possible work accident risks, and also these transactions can be monitored instantly. In this way, a safe working environment, which is very critical for all businesses in the world, can be provided.

If you want to increase your occupational health & safety and productivity with the correct use of forklifts, you can visit our Forklift Safety and Tracking page and contact us.

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