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"Trio Mobil Digital Partner Program"

Let's redefine the Industrial IoT approach together!

With the most reliable Digital Facility solution and its wide partner network, Trio Mobil steps forward as the industrial IOT solution provider that you’re looking for.

Purpose of the Program

Developing a customer base and maximizing customer acquisition

Providing holistic solutions for customer needs, becoming a trusted IoT solution provider and a one-stop-shop for customers

Deliver back-to-back, turnkey and value added solutions

Industry 4.0, referred to as “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” primarily focuses on the communication of physical assets via digital technologies. Having the most profound impact on organizations, IoT Technologies step forward among other Industry 4.0 technologies. 92% of the CXO’s in the EMEA region believe that IoT technologies have an impact on their organizations. With almost all of the decision-makers in organizations across the globe prioritizing IoT technologies, the future of IoT business is bright and promising. With the help of the transformation from 4G to 5G infrastructures, the Global IoT Market is expected to grow to 1,5 Trillion USD in 2030 with a CAGR of 10.2%. Moreover, the connected devices are expected to reach a number of 25 billion by 2030 generating almost 100 zettabytes of data. Almost 85% of these figures will be generated by non-consumer Digital Facility solutions.

Benefits of the Program

Becoming a valuable member of a developing network

Maximizing revenue with strong sales and marketing support

Continuous technical and operational support

Gaining unique experience regarding cutting edge IoT technologies

Partnership Models

Strategic Partnership
Business Partner
Project-Based Partnership
Common Strategy Formulation Demo Kit Support Customer Service Support Technical Training Support Sales and Marketing Support Sales Kit Support Technical Team Support IoT Consulting Support
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