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Introduce Artificial Intelligence
Technology to Your Business and
Analyze Visitor Traffic Real Time

Benefits for

Your Business

Scope of the Solution

Enables real-time counting and reporting of people entering and leaving a predetermined area using artificial intelligence-based sensor technologies.

What are the Capabilities?

  • The number of customers entering and leaving the store is determined through artificial intelligence sensors.
  • Parameters like customer attraction rate, the time customers spend in your store, the rate of visits to sales, and the turnover per customer are monitored and reported.
  • The performance of the store, along with its analysis and comparison, is ensured.

Who Can Use This?

All businesses operating in the Retail and Service Industries.

Analyze the Traffic in Your Store Instantly
and Retrospectively with People Counting System.
Analyze Customer Behaviors with the Data You Obtain,
Increase Your Profitability!
Using wireless sensors, the number of people in the store can be monitored with wide-area heat maps and other distinct graphical displays. With its self-diagnostics feature, the system detects and resolves any malfunction that occurs within itself.
It provides detailed measurement advantages such as taking quick action in case the maximum number of people defined for the store exceeds thanks to instant visitor analysis, defining in-store behaviors of customers, determining queue or idle time intervals, and determining customers' in-store routes.
In the light of the data obtained, deductions and optimizations such as the suitability of store working hours and personnel distribution, the efficiency of advertising activities or campaigns, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly breakdowns and the dynamics with which the number of visitors increase/decrease are provided.
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